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ZinKlad 72ZinKlad 72 Combines the proven quality of the KeyKote product
range with the ZinKlad approach to quality management
for surface finishing lines.

ZinKlad 72 covers light/heavy weight zinc as well as
manganese phosphate combinations.

  • Excellent Resistance to Corrosion Products
  • Exceptional Adhesion for Organic Coatings
  • Choice of Friction Modifiers
  • Global Availability

When you are looking for the highest quality phosphate coatings, backed by the MacDermid Enthone ‘know-how’ to consistency in surface treatments – you have to choose ZinKlad 72! Read More >

ZinKlad 72 PerformanceKey Features
Corrosion Protection
  • No red rust after exposure to 72 hours’ neutral salt spray.
  • Heavy weight zinc phosphate typically provides the base coating. If a micro-crystalline phosphate is required, then zinc/calcium phosphate is recommended.
  • These are supplemented by a corrosion inhibitor/ coefficient of friction modifier.
  • Heavy weight is typically within the range of 0.12 – 0.30, micro-crystalline phosphate is within the range 0.08 - 0.16.
  • Light to medium zinc phosphate coatings provide a corrosion resistant base for organic coatings. Usually
    calcium modified, the finishes provide excellent adhesion for paint coatings applied.
 Wear resistance
  • Crystalline manganese phosphate with coating weights up to 25g/m2 absorb oil and other
    lubricants exceptionally well.
  • They provide exceptional wear resistance in power train and transmission applications.

"part geometry, substrate quality and post plate handling can have an effect on finish performance"