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Q2 2013

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Mac Dermid Industrial Solutions
The ZinKlad quality assurance program has enabled many global OEM's to specify higher standards than they achieved with previous, hexavalent chromium-based coatings

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ZinKlad Program               

  ZinKlad Program
New specifications

North America


In 2012, MacDermid added 9 new applicators to the ZinKlad program including applicators in India and Mexico. These new applicators, who all meet the ZinKlad audit standards, will replace 8 who no longer meet the performance criteria and have been removed.

The new applicators:
  • Acument - North America
  • Autocraft - China
  • Bradley - Mexico
  • Chuang Yuan - China
  • Grand Champion - China
  • Lakshmi - India
  • Retsacoat - Portugal
  • Ruibiao - China
  • Sundram - India



MacDermid is approved to GMW16730

MacDermid is very pleased to announce approval by GM as a chemical supplier for GMW16730.

GMW16730 is the new global specification for black zinc-nickel and replaces GMW4205

Both Ajax and Modern Plating have been granted approval as applicators from GM as of November 2012.

The specification was primarily developed for wheel well liner attachments, but will eventually be used on exterior applications where a decorative black with high corrosion and stone chip resistance is required.

MacDermid will be working in the next few months in assisting our worldwide applicator base gain the necessary approval to carry out this finish.


Latest News from the Americas
As well as adding 2 new applicators to the existing list covering North and South America, Dynabur has been reinstated as a ZinKlad 250M applicator . The current applicators offer all the ZinKlad performance levels which include 250, 250 M, MG, MGL, ZBD, 500, 1000 and 1000 B.

An area of particular actvity this year has been the testing and achieving approval for 2 new ZinKlad 1000 B finishes: ZinKlad 1000 B (EXP), a hexavalent chromium-free black coating with increased corrosion resistance and ZinKlad 1000 B (HG) an hexavalent chromium-free black coating with high specular gloss.


Latest News from Asia

Applicators in Asia region now offer ZinKlad 96, 250, 250 M, 1000 and 1000 B.

To meet increasing demand from OEM's for high performance, hexavalent chromium free coatings, MacDermid have approved 6 new applicators this year.  In China Autocraft, Grand Champion and Ruibiao are approved to ZinKlad 250, while Chuang Yuan now offers ZinKlad 1000. In India Lakshmi and Sundram also plate to the popular 250 finish.

To help facilitate technology exchanges within the anti-corrosion automotive supply chain, MacDermid China hosted a seminar in Suzhou in October. Leading engineers from Chinese automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, together with electroplaters, filled the audience to hear about the latest drivers and trends in anti-corrosion coatings.

Latest News from Europe

REACH reclassification of cobalt and boric acid salts continues to be the major talking point for the surface coating industry. To facilitate this discussion and propose some answers, MacDermid held seminars in France and Germany for their respective automotive supply chains. The launch of TriPass ELV 7000 series cobalt-free passivates was a particularly interesting topic, as MacDermid demonstrated technology that is ready for testing today.

From a new applicator perspective, due to increasing demand, MacDermid introduced Retsacoat (Portugal) and Holder (Germany) to carry out ZinKlad 250 finishing. Also in Germany, Leist have increased their ZinKlad 250 capacity, while Vollmerhaus have been removed due to closure. In Italy Zincatura Reggina added a new ZinKlad 250 line and Zincogalv added a ZinKlad 1000/ 1000B line to meet continuing demand for this highest level performance coating.



New Processes - TriPass ELV 7000 series
Driven by REACH, several industries facing a potential ban of cobalt salts have started looking for alternative technologies for cobalt salts.

Tripass ELV 7000
TriPass ELV 7000 is a cobalt-free trivalent chromium and colloidal silicate based CMR and SVHC-free passivate. It has been developed to meet the highest corrosion requirements on zinc and zinc iron coatings. TriPass ELV 7000 coatings have good scratch resistance.

Tripass ELV 7100
TriPass ELV 7100 produces an attractive, homogenous black passivate film on zinc-nickel deposits which gives excellent corrosion resistance even after heating treatment.

Tripass ELV 7500
TriPass ELV 7500 produces a blue film and is produced over zinc-nickel deposits which gives excellent corrosion resistance even after heating treatment.  A particular feature of the TriPass ELV 7000 passivate films is that the new corrosion inhibitor, which replaces cobalt, can be analysed (in the deposit). The link between the inhibitor content and corrosion protection means that ensuring the optimum content in the film will aid quality control.
Benefits of TriPass ELV 7000 series passivates
  • Additives are free of Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic compounds  (CMR-Free)
  • Solution free from hexavalent chromium and cobalt
  • Compliant with ELV, RoHS, WEEE directives
  • Inhibitor content can be analyzed in the film


Legislation Update

In the past 15 years, European regulation has been a global driver for changes in the surface treatment industry. Between 1999 and 2007 the ELV, RoHS and WEEE regulations moved the surface treatment industry from hexavalent chromium-based passivates to trivalent chromium in order to eliminate the hexavalent chromium from automotive and electronic parts. These regulated the use of hexavalent chromium in homogeneous materials by definition of maximum limits.

In 2007 the European Registration Evaluation Authorization CHemicals (REACH) regulation has been implemented to control the use of chemicals minimizing risks for both health and environmental issues. REACH will regulate the use of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) by authorization or restriction of the use in applications. Soluble cobalt salts, which are used in trivalent chromium-based passivates are subject to this authorization or restriction.

In contrast to ELV, RoHS and WEEE, REACH does not limit the content of SVHC’s e.g. cobalt salts, in homogeneous materials nor articles.


Technology shift?
New team
In order to improve both corrosion resistance and coating consistency, MacDermid introduced Kenlevel Ni 12-15 zinc-nickel. This is an acid based process which avoids the need for 'duplex' coatings normally applied when plating brake calipers in alkaline based zinc-nickel.

Kenlevel Ni 12-15 offers substantial benefits over earlier acid zinc-nickel alloy plating technology, namely consistency in both deposit and alloy distribution. Critical when plating complicated castings.
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