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Q2 2015

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Mac Dermid Industrial Solutions
ZinKlad enables automotive manufacturers in all regions of the world to specify higher standards than they achieved with previous, hexavalent chromium-based coatings.

The ZinKlad quality assurance program tackles the challenges for high performance automotive coatings of the future. Specifiers can be confident that the same coatings and consistent performance are available worldwide.
ZinKlad Program
  ZinKlad Introduces...
ZinKlad for Audio Speakers
ZinKlad welcomes   ZinKlad for Audio Speakers
This year MacDermid have added 2 new applicators to the ZinKlad program. Additionally we have added extra ZinKlad capacity to 5 existing applicators. 

4 applicators have been removed from the ZinKlad program. This demonstrates MacDermid's commitment to maintaining the rigorous standards of the ZinKlad program.

New applicators:
Mexico - SAGA, 96, 250
USA - Elyria, 96, 250

Additional approvals / capacity:
China - Dongguan Delong, 1000, 1000 B
          - Spring Profit, Increased capacity
Italy - Metalcromo, 250, 1000, 1000 B
USA - Ajax, MGL
        -Tawas, 96 

  ZinKlad HQS (High Quality Surface) and
ZinKlad UQS (Ultra Quality Surface) are a new range of high performance finishes for protecting audio speaker front and back plates.

As the quality of audio systems in vehicles improves, the speakers are manufactured to ever tighter tolerances.

To help ensure no corrosion products can affect these tighter tolerances, the coating must remain without white corrosion during the speakers operating life.

Both ZinKlad HQS and ZinKlad UQS deliver this and are a base for the excellent adhesion for subsequent glue coatings.

Latest News from the Americas
As Japanese Tier 1 suppliers enhance their production capacities in the NAFTA region, MacDermid have also extended our OEM Key Account Management team.

Our 'JOEM' team provide essential surface finishing knowledge and advice to suppliers who are starting production of components in the NAFTA region. As this production requires coatings from the local finishing supply chain, MacDermid are the perfect partners to facilitate this. 
ZinKlad North America

Whether the need is for
  • Anti-corrosion (ZinKlad)
  • Decorative (Q-Klad)
  • Electroless Nickel (NiKlad)
  • Aluminum coatings (Iridite)
Our bilingual Account Managment team which includes, Hiro Takahashi, Mark TsurutaHidetoshi Yokota caters for the sophisticated needs of Japanese automotive OEMs and this supply chain.

We are pleased to welcome Elyria OH (96, 250) to the ZinKlad family. Additionally Tawas plating (Michigan), as well as being approved to ZinKlad 240 (to meet GMW 3044 X), have also added ZinKlad 96 to their capabilities. Ajax (Detroit) have also added ZinKlad MGL, the finish for resisting galvanic corrosion.


Latest News from Asia
MacDermid chose the 1st LOUDSPEAKER sourcing show to launch our new range of ZinKlad audio speaker finishes. These finishes have been created due to market demand from Tier 1 suppliers. They allow these manufacturers to apply coatings which help to maintain sound quality integrity over the components life. READ MORE »

In the Asia-Pacific region, the number of ZinKlad lines continues to grow. This is driven by the need of global OEMs to recieve high quality plated finishes from their supply chain.
Audio Speakers MacDermid

in 2015 Dongguan Delong have been added (1000, 1000 B) and Spring Profit (250, 1000 7 1000 B) have further increased their capacity  In this region there are now 18 processing lines for ZinKlad 250 and 12 for ZinKlad 1000 / 1000 B.


Latest News from Europe
According to Marklines automotive research, the 6 major European vehicle manufacturers in Europe predict increasing sales in their North American and Chinese markets.

An important role of the MacDermid European based automotive Key Account Management team, is to aid these OEM's with finiding ZinKlad Applicators in these 'offshore' markets. This ensures that they recieve the consistent finishing they enjoy in their home markets.
ZinKlad MGL

Metacromo (Italy) who joined as a new applicator in 2014 have added 250, 1000 and 1000 B to their finishes. The latter helping to increase capacity for zinc-nickel finishing. This continues to grow due to the higher performance demands from OEMs.


ZinKlad HQS and UQS...the Choice for Audio Speaker Finishing
ZinKlad HQS (High Quality Surface) is a zinc based coating which offers over 400 hours to white rust at 65oC and 98% humidity. 

ZinKlad UQS (Ultra Quality Surface) is a zinc-nickel based coating which offers exceptional resistance to white rust at 85oC and 85% humidity. 
ZinKlad Speakers

Key Features
  • Excellent Resistance to White Corrosion Products

  • Withstands Temperatures of 65C / 98% or 85C / 85% Humidity (depending on finish)

  • Exceptional Adhesion for Water-based Glue

  • Low Coating Thicknesses

ZinKlad HQS and UQS are ‘drop in’ processes suitable for most barrel electroplating lines. The special additive system ensures excellent fine grained coatings which are essential in meeting audio speaker requirements.

Acid Based Zinc-Nickel Plating
Zinc-nickel plating is usually applied where specifiers want the highest performance with the lowest deposit thickness. By specifying zinc-nickel, components can resist more than 1000 hours neutral salt spray (ISO 9227 & ASTM B117) with no effect on the dimensional tolerance of threaded components. ZinKlad commercial

For the plating of cast iron and hardened fasteners, Kenlevel Ni 12-15 is recommended. This process avoids the need for 'duplex' coatings normally applied when plating brake calipers in alkaline based zinc-nickel.  It offers substantial benefits over earlier acid zinc-nickel plating alloy technology, namely consistency in both deposit and alloy distribution; critical when zinc-nickel plating complicated castings. 

Zinc-nickel deposits are passivated to further enhance the corrosion resistance of the deposit. Recent legislation including End of Life Vehicle Directive (ELV) and Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) has led to new, high performance, cobalt-free passivation systems based on trivalent chromium. 


Ruling on use of Chromium trioxide
REACH Compliance
Although not directly related to ZinKlad Anti-corrosion finishes, many automotive finishing engineers will be interested to read the lastest infomation on the use of chromium trioxide.

In July 2013, a European group (Vecco – a European based association which represents a group of downstream users of chromium trioxide) challenged ECHA regarding the inclusion of chromium trioxide into Annex XIV of REACH.

The primary claim was that an exemption from authorisation for chromium trioxide should have been allowed because the risks of handling the substance were adequately covered by existing legislation and control measures.  

The decision of the European Court of Justice was published on 25th September 2015 and the case was dismissed.

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