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TriMac CP-200

“TriMac CP-200 is an excellent replacement for hexavalent chromium in automotive applications”.


TriMac CP-200TriMac CP-200 Description

A trivalent chromium plating process producing deposits resistant to calcium chloride snow melting salts (Russian mud corrosion).

It delivers color and plating speeds close to those obtained from hexavalent chromium electroplating baths, with improved deposit distribution.

TriMac CP-200 can be used for sub-micron trivalent chromium plating of approximately 0.5 to 0.7 microns thickness.

As it is based on trivalent chromium, highly hazardous hexavalent chromium mists are not generated.



  • Bright, white trivalent chromium deposit
  • Excellent resistance to calcium chloride salt ‘Russian mud’
  • Fast plating speeds
  • Excellent covering and throwing power, with a consistent color
  • Meets all automotive CASS test requirements

TriMac CP-200 is usually applied to a bright or satin nickel deposit as a replacement to conventional chromium plating. It is particularly recommended where a bright, white chromium deposit that resists ‘Russian mud’ corrosion is required.

The process utilizes a flexible additive system and a simple MMO anode system for ease of process control; when compared to traditional hexavalent based processes, it delivers deposits of similar thicknesses.

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