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MacDermidProduct                                    Specification             Color Designation
Mach 2  NH762X Bright Chrome
Twilite  NH763X Trivalent Dark Chrome
NiMac M-Satin Shadow (Star) NH763X Satin Chrome
NiMac M-Satin Shadow (Star)  NH772X Platinum
TriMac CP-200 NH860X Trivalent Bright Chrome
NiMac M-Satin Shadow (Star) + TriMac CP-200 NH861X Platinum Chrome
Twilite NH864X Palladium Chrome


Nimac M-satin star

NiMac M-Satin StarThe NiMac M-Satin Star nickel process produces a uniform and smooth, medium to heavy satin finish with a gloss level of 10 or less* when measured to the relative Q-Gloss standard . To achieve the high corrosion resistance required to meet exterior automotive specifications, NiMac M-Satin Star can be used in conjunction with semi-bright, high sulfur and microporous nickel systems.

*Depending on the subsequent chromium plating system 


trimac iii

The world's leading trivalent chromium plating process.

TriMacIII is the “industry standard” for trivalent chromium plating. TriMacIII contains zero carcinogenic hexavalent chromium, It is able to achieve a deposit thickness in excess of 0.3 microns (12 microinches), while providing a deposit that is virtually indistinguishable from hexavalent chromium deposits. The system is easy and economical to operate. TriMacIII is automotive-approved for both interior and exterior applications.

TriMac III meets automotive chromium specifications for interior and exterior applications. When measured to the Q-Color standard, it compares as follows to traditional bright chromium plate:trivalent chrome plating

ValueDescriptionTriMac III compared to standard bright chromium            
L Similar Similar
*a (-) Green (+) Red +
*b (-) Blue (+) Yellow +


trimac RM

TriMac RM trivalent plating process has been designed to resist the harsh "Russian Mud" corrosion conditions whilst also offering a warm and stylish color aspect. When measured to the Q-Color standard, it compares as follows to traditional bright chromium plate:trivalent chromium plating process

ValueDescriptionTriMac RM compared to standard bright chromium          
L Darker +
*a (-) Green (+) Red +++
*b (-) Blue (+) Yellow +++



The first trivalent chromium plating process to break from tradition. Twilite has been adopted worldwide as the dark trivalent chromium finish for interior and exterior applications. Twilite has a cool dark shade. When measured to the Q-Color standard, it compares as follows to traditional bright chromium plate:trivalent chrome plating process

ValueDescriptionTwilite compared to standard bright chromium                  
L Darker ++
*a (-) Green (+) Red ++
*b (-) Blue (+) Yellow ++


Mach 2

A triple catalyst system makes Mach 2 unbeatable in throwing power and color, producing a beautiful blue-white deposit. Easy to control and maintain, Mach 2 is the first choice of many of today’s leading finishers.

The actual Q-Color range measurements for Twilite and standard bright chromium can be obtained by contacting MacDermid.

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