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Decorative Coatings

Imagine more...

Nothing captures today's style and fashion like chromium plating. Elegant, timeless, enduring, and truly iconic.

The exciting new decorative chromium plated finishes from MacDermid's Fashion Finishes range, offer styling choice and engineering compliance like no others.

New trivalent chrome coatings offering stunning combinations of bright, satin and dark finishes. Not only do they deliver a rich pallet of colour and texture, they also meet today's most demanding corrosion performance standards.

Creating New Standards for Appearance and Protection

Our chromium system innovations cover a spectrum of metal finishing applications including automobile plastic trim and aluminum wheels, plumbing, home furnishings, appliances, musical instruments, jewellery, audio and video components and many more.


What separates MacDermid's decorative coatings from others is the approach we take during development: new products should capture the needs of designers seeking something different and meet the needs of engineers who demand better consistency and improved performance.

And all innovations should be based on chemistry that gives Health, safety and environmental benefits. In these key aspects we expect no compromise.

As the world's leading supplier of trivalent chrome systems, you know whatever we offer has behind it the best development history in our industry. Imagine more...MacDermid.