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Engineering Coatings are metallic deposits used for their physical properties. They provide corrosion and wear resistance and can be applied using either electrolytic or electroless deposition. Engineering coatings include electroless nickel, hard chrome and sulphamate nickel.

Electroless nickel is a chemically reduced layer of a nickel phosphorus or nickel boron alloy, which gives an even thickness of deposit, and a very hard corrosion resistant deposit. It has found applications in the computer, aerospace, automotive and oil and gas industries. One advantage of the system is that by varying the amount of phosphorus or boron in the deposit, or co-depositing other particles, the properties can be altered to the application.

Hard chrome is a well proven process with unrivalled combination of hardness, wear resistance and lubricity. It has been used widely in many industries,but especially on steel rollers for the gravure or steel industry, and in the automotive industry for shock absorbers and in the construction industry for hydraulic cylinders.

Sulphamate nickel provides a very low stressed, pure nickel deposit which has been used for many years to make electroforms and to build up thicknesses on machined components.