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Iridite NR4-T



MacDermid aluminum passivates

Iridite NR4-T is a chromium-free, low-temperature, no rinse liquid acid product. It produces conversion coatings with physical properties equal to that of chromate conversion coatings. Iridite NR4-T forms a tight adhesive bond with aluminum substrates upon drying. The conversion coating produced is colorless to light blue. Iridite NR4-T needs no rinsing and is non-polluting.

  • Qualicoat Approval (A-87)
  • Chromium-free formulation – highly reduced waste water and disposal costs compared to conventional chrome pre-treatment systems
  • Typical coating weight 50-150 mg/m²
  • Suitable for spray, flood and immersion application
  • Excellent paint adhesion and corrosion resistance performance
  • Presence of coating can be indentified by viewing with the aid of UV light at 366nm