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 The World’s Best Pretreatment Products

MacDermid Surface Conditioning Systems comprise the world’s highest performing and most extensive range of pretreatment products for the cleaning, etching, derusting and deoxidization of metals prior to surface coating. Developed and refined according to strict customer requirements, they are consistently specified for one reason: they work. Every time. From steel to copper alloys, aluminum and die cast . Our line of Surface Conditioning Systems began with the introduction of Anodex NP-2 in 1922 (still sold today,) and currently features over 225 different cleaning products for the electroplating, metal finishing, surface coating, anodizing and painting industries.

Recognized worldwide for their ability to produce the optimal foundation for surface treatment, which would otherwise cause coating failure or rejection, our systems include the versatile Metex Cleaning family, Bondal and Iridite NCP Systems for aluminum and New Dimensions, our newest line of environmentally friendly cleaners. With such a diverse understanding of application requirements, MacDermid can customize any chemistry to your needs.

Key Features

  • The world's most extensive range of pretreatment products
  • Reliable, durable, consistently high performance
  • For electroplating, metal finishing, surface coating, anodizing and painting applications
  • Exceptional conditioning for zinc, copper, steel, bronze, gold, silver, die-cast and aluminum

Surface preparation - Steel

Our surface preparation product range includes some of the most effective steel soak, spray and electro cleaners available today.

Our array of products are tailored to specific applications such as barrel & rack electroplating, high pressure in line spray cleaning systems, high volume galvanizing dunk tanks and high speed wire mills. MacDermid have developed one of the most comprehensive and versatile ranges of steel cleaners available.

So if you need to remove oil, grease, smut, oxide or rust free from a steel surface, give one of our local product specialists
a call and experience the true meaning of customer driven innovation.

Surface preparation - Copper Alloys

Brass & Copper Alloys

This is where it all began for MacDermid. In 1922, MacDermids’ founder, Archie MacDermid, developed the first of our now world class cleaners for Brass. He and the company established a reputation for application know-how that even today is at the heart of our customer philosophy.

Anodex NP-2, the original MacDermid Brass cleaner, remains one of our top products along with a family of products specially developed to clean Brass and Copper Alloys without affecting the appearance of even the most highly polished surface.

Products ranges include Anodex, Metex, Q-Plex, IsoPrep and MultiPrep, all with specific customer and/or application specific properties that will meet the needs of the most discerning customer.

Surface preparation - Aluminum

Iridite NCP

Increasing concerns over the health and ecological effects of hexavalent-chromium has inspired the development of alternative approaches and technologies for various coating types.

At the center of the innovation efforts are companies like MacDermid, who’s development of chromate conversion coatings for painted coatings helped seed developments in the field of aluminum treatments. Until now, most non-chrome conversion coatings have been based on a combination of organic polymers and fluoride compounds. While these types of products have excellent paint adhesion characteristics, in most cases, they have no corrosion resistance properties. Based on that deficiency, MacDermid have developed a product range that has shown to be both safe and effective as a true replacement for the hexavalent-chrome systems…Iridite NCP.

Iridite NCP provides both high adhesion values for paints and powder coatings as well as excellent corrosion resistance in its own right. This means that even unpainted areas of aluminum are protected against corrosion. Iridite NCP is the safe, reliable and cost effective alternative to chromate based pretreatments for aluminum.

Surface preparation - Die Cast

Zinc Based Die Cast

Similar in nature to Copper and Copper Alloys, Zinc Based Die Cast (ZBDC) surfaces are highly prone to etching or oxidation by over aggressive cleaning systems. We have therefore developed a range of cleaners designed specifically to accommodate the needs of these metals.

From polishing compo, oil, grease and oxide removal, MacDermid’s cleaners will prepare your metal ZBDC products for a multitude of finishing operations form painting to electroplating. Ask our local specialists about of range of ZBDC products and you’ll be surprised how extensive and competitive the world's best cleaning products really are.